Project Spotlight: North Portal Home

Teaming up with old client’s is the best. Especially when they are a joy to work with and have good taste (just like this family). They live in DC, and although I no longer live there I wanted to help design a new office space for them. The office is part of a master bedroom so I wanted to decorate it with the accompanying furniture in mind. They have an existing walnut low platform bed and a black leather chair. I wanted it to be a contemporary and neutral room with pops of color brought in through the art work. There is an empty corner where I wanted to create an alternate table top workspace with 2 accent chairs where you could sit and relax and soak in all of the morning light. I chose to keep the main office units a similar walnut finish to the bed. I also added floating cabinets above the desk and filing system for additional storage. The bench cushion and pillow was a nice touch to soften all of these hard surfaces. I liked the idea of replacing their existing honeycomb shades with these roman shades to add another light and airy texture to the office nook.

Art work from  Minted  and  Juniper and Briggs

Art work from Minted and Juniper and Briggs

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 9.09.49 AM.png
Lighting from  CB2  art work from  Minted

Lighting from CB2 art work from Minted


The walls is where I wanted to have a little fun and add a punch of color and pattern. For the desk wall I chose to break up the floating walnut cabinets with art work leaning against the cabinet and hanging on the wall. I love mixing mediums so this photography and abstract painting go well together and add a bit of interest.

For the wall near the table I imagined a very long extending sconce that would drape over the bistro table. These sconces are so neat and I’ve been dying to use them in a space. They make such a statement while be functional too. The large art work will fit nicely on the wall. The black and white works well with the modern vibe in the space, but the floral itself lends to a traditional look that fits the colonial architecture of the home.

For the window wall I thought this would be the perfect place for family photos. It’s a very personal space being that it is a home office and a bedroom. Either doing black and whites or color here would work. There are 2 different design scenarios I gave them; a more structured look and a gallery wall, both would look fantastic. I think matching the frames is important here and a black or silver frame would really pull the other elements in the space together.


My Favorite Baskets

How perfect is a beautiful basket? It not only acts as functional storage, but can also be a fun textural accent in a room. In smaller spaces baskets can be a great solution for organization. Some of my favorite places to use them are open bookshelves or under consoles where you can really show them off. Materials range from felt to seagrass and available sizes and shapes are endless. Baskets can have a neutral tone or add a punch of color to the room. These are my favorite baskets when filling an empty corner or finding a place to store clutter.

My Favorite Throw Blankets

There is nothing better than cuddling up with your favorite blanket, especially on these cold winter days. Blankets are much like throw pillows and other decorative accessories, they are a necessary layer to help complete the look of your space.

Traditional or Modern, they work in any environment. They come in an array of patterns, colors, and textures, making them a versatile accessory for your sofa, bench, chair, bed or basket. Blankets can be purely decorative or functional. A neatly folded blanket on a bench can act as a comfy cushion to sit on or a bulky knitted blanket can be thrown on your bed for added warmth. Both are esthetically pleasing and add character to a space.

Below is a roundup of the best blankets that will look fantastic in your home, whether you are wrapped up in it or not!

Design by  Schoolhouse

Design by Schoolhouse

My Favorite Holiday Wreaths

Design by  Room For Tuesday
Design by  Young House Love

The holidays can’t come soon enough. I LOVE Christmas music, decorations, and lighting my Thymes Frasier Fir candle. One of my favorite decorations is the wreath. It’s a welcoming and inviting accessory that you can easily change out for every season throughout the year, and you can use them indoors as well as out. They look fantastic hanging inside of a home, for example, on a child’s bedroom door or above a console, helping everyone get into the holiday spirit. When choosing a wreath, you have a few different options:

Natural Wreath: The downside of this selection is that it only lasts a few weeks since it is a living plant, but the upside is that it looks and smells amazing during those few short weeks. I think this is a great option if you are decorating indoors. You can lean a wreath against a credenza or hang one on the wall.

Dried Floral Wreath: These wreaths are a typical material for the spring and summer months. They last through the season and can be a great pop of color Inside or outside.

Artificial Wreath: For a wreath that will last years, this is the best of the bunch. These come in fabric, silk, metal, or you can get creative with faux berries, pinecones, and lights.