My Favorite Mirrors

Design by  Caroline Sharpnack

Mirrors are a necessity in every house. They are a beautiful piece of wall decor that can be both functional and decorative. I like to decorate with mirrors in spaces that already have a lot of art work to help add another element to the space. They can be used in any room such as above your family room fireplace, in a foyer as you walk in, or in a dining room for decor. Strategically placed, mirrors can be functional pieces of art work. If you position a mirror across from a window it will reflect the natural light and make a dark room brighter! I also love how easily they can make a space look bigger, especially by using large floor mirrors. They come in endless styles and finishes, you will find a perfect one for every home. Here are some a my favorites!

Design by  Geremia Design

My Favorite Desks

It’s back to school already and I can’t believe it. While finding the perfect spot for your kid to be productive, why not have a little fun and revamp your own office space? Work and household responsibilities can be daunting, but doing them in a room or on a piece of furniture that makes you happy can make all the difference. These are some of my ultimate favorite desks to choose. A little bit of traditional, a little bit of modern, and a little bit of eclectic, I’ve got it covered. Good luck!

My Favorite Consoles

Consoles are one of my favorite furniture pieces. It’s highly functional, serving as a catchall for an entry or a place to set a drink behind your sofa. I love how it can be purposeful in every room, even if only as a decorative item. Consoles come in endless materials, colors, shapes, and sizes and can light up any styled room whether it be a traditional sitting room or an ultra modern bedroom. The versatility makes it easy to design with. Depending on the selected style, you can stick ottomans underneath for additional seating or even baskets for more storage. A few of my favorites are below!

Design by  Black & Milk

Design by Black & Milk

Design by  The Works

Design by The Works


My Favorite Ottomans

Who doesn’t love a good ottoman? I enjoy putting my feet up at the end of the day and an ottoman is a perfect place to do just that. What is wonderful is that not only are they meant for your feet, but also to sit on. I use them when designing for client’s who like to entertain. It’s a great way to add extra seating in a smaller environment. Ottomans are a furniture piece that anyone can have in their home, whether it be a traditional one with bamboo detailing or a modern lucite ottoman. They add texture and color and are a perfect accessory with a punch of personality. These are just a few of my favorites to use!

Design by  The Sweet Beast
Design by  Sims Hilditch

Design by Sims Hilditch