Project Spotlight: Willowdale Family Room

This lovely family of 4 opened up the wall of their dining to their family room making it one large space. They wanted this room to be a casual hang out area with plenty of room to watch TV and entertain. They also wanted storage for toys and games for their girls. I placed the long sofa facing the TV for optimal viewing. Behind the sofa are storage cabinets perfect for children’s toys and also a handy surface to set things on. I then flanked the sofa with 2 lounge chairs for symmetry. The oversized coffee table is perfect for games and the 2 accent tables are just the right amount of space for a drink. I love how this custom sized rug really anchors the seating area and brings it all together.

Project Spotlight-Willowdale Family Room .001.jpeg

The client’s wanted this to be a kid friendly and tranquil hangout with surfaces that were safe for kiddos and would blend beautifully with their all white kitchen. The pop of blue in the rug set the tone for the space with pops of blue in the pillow and accessories. I used a textural beige Crypton fabric for the lounge chairs and a soft leather for the sofa. The coffee table is distressed and ready for any wear and tear. There is already excellent overhead lighting, but this funky arc lamp is the perfect accessory in the corner. This room is a fabulous mix of modern with a traditional flair.

Project Spotlight-Willowdale Family Room .002.jpeg

My Favorite Desks

It’s back to school already and I can’t believe it. While finding the perfect spot for your kid to be productive, why not have a little fun and revamp your own office space? Work and household responsibilities can be daunting, but doing them in a room or on a piece of furniture that makes you happy can make all the difference. These are some of my ultimate favorite desks to choose. A little bit of traditional, a little bit of modern, and a little bit of eclectic, I’ve got it covered. Good luck!